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Jeminin /Pelargonium Radula on in Malaysia we called as ‘Pokok Halau Nyamuk” is original came from Malaysia and use to
expel mosquitoes . it can not be exposed directly to sunlight. It’s best if we plant in a dim (in the house). When we hold the leaves, they have a strong smell.

To grow and care is easy by means of cuttings of the stem, to rinse the water sufficiently so as not to dry. The stem is dry and hollow if not enough water. It was useful for expel mosquitoes and he liberates a kind of fine powder with an unpleasant odor.

Also can be use as medicines for skin diseases and itching. Blend the leaves with rice, rub on the problematic part. With Kokedamaa style and look attractive, it also can be used as an ornamental plant once inside the house and easy to care. This tree is one of the main types of mosquito repellent. It is not flowering and is well known as Citronella oil producer. From the results of the investigation of 4% doses Pelargonium Citrosa leaves can kill 98% of mosquito larvae. It is also effective in removing adult mosquitoes.

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